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Understanding your role and legal obligations:

WEEElogic helps companies and businesses navigate the ocean of obligations that come with product end-of-life management and recycling in Europe and beyond.
WEEElogic provides legal assessment, recommendations and clarifies the mandatory steps for voluntary or contractual compliance management.
Businesses need to identify whether they are affected by WEEE, Battery and/or Packaging legislation and how far these obligations extend. Since national laws and interpretation can deviate from the European Directives and EC guidelines, this can be analysed on a country by country basis for all relevant markets.

“We help clarify your obligations”

“We ascertain whether your company is under statutory obligation, and in which countries”

“Your clients want you to manage compliance: we clarify what you can do”

A legal assessment will clarify :

  • Scope of obligations: which products are in or out of scope for WEEE, batteries (portable, industrial, automotive) and packaging legislation
  • Scope of obligations: Who is responsible in the supply chain, which countries require compliance from which specific entities (e.g. subsidiary, parent company, sister company…)?
  • Sales channels affected by compliance: do the obligations encompass all quantities sold or only some quantities, dependent on billing mechanism
  • Possibilities for voluntary compliance: is it possible to take over compliance obligations from e.g. a client?
  • Any other questions…

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General questions and issues we aim to resolve:

  • Product scope or verification in accordance with the legal framework in one or more countries
  • Credible reporting on obligations in one or more countries on behalf of one or more companies
  • Mandatory obligations vs. voluntary assumption of obligations (from clients)
  • Risk assessment
  • Analysis of your existing compliance organisation – is this 100% compliant? Did you “over-comply”? Challenging your compliance solution.
  • Legal recommendations, e.g. what would happen if I changed my invoicing organisation? Can I take over my clients’ obligations?
  • Guidance and training materials such as basic presentations, how to be independent in future with regard to specific activities? etc.
  • Workshops, e.g.organising training sessions


Example compliance cases

Legal assessments in Europe; Asia (China, Korea, Japan, etc.); North America (USA, Canada); South America, Oceania and India

Legal recommendation for the transfer of take-back obligations via commercial contracts

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Our customers’ testimonials

Spire Payments sets high standards in relation to compliance and for this we need partners of a similar calibre. WEEElogic have provided excellent support for the setup, registration and ongoing maintenance of our compliance solutions in relation to our products and their batteries. The WEEElogic group single point of contact has helped us to implement our compliance strategy in all necessary territories within Spire’s growing sphere of operations in the most efficient manner possible.
Spire Payments Global Supply Chain Director, Alain Tailheuret
WEEElogic was the perfect European compliance partner to support our development as we were looking for a reliable single point of contact with the right expertise to set up our WEEE compliance in Europe. Somfy Protect by Myfox is a French company developing innovative security solutions in a fast-growing market, needing to meet obligations under the WEEE directive as well as the battery and packaging directives.
Somfy Protect by Myfox SAS Operations Senior Manager, Valérie Poteau