European recycling programs

Your platform to manage take-back and recycling requests

Single mechanism for managing take-back and recycling services for you and your clients across multiple countries


How do you deal with incoming requests for take-back and recycling across Europe?
WEEElogic has a solution for you!

Whether you are looking for a specific, day-to-day programme or need a one-off solution, we can provide you with the required pick-up or drop-off services.


Circular economy models :
Companies constantly seek new business models and opportunities for innovation. Circular economy programmes are potential levers for changing your business models.

Marketed Integrated Solutions :
Marketing and loyalty programmes can enhance sales.

Take back and asset management :
Re-marketing programmes enable businesses to extend the life cycle of equipment as well as enabling harvesting of spare parts.

Recycling :
Treatment and recycling ensures destruction of old/obsolete equipment where this is required to ensure e.g. data security, protection of intellectual property.


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