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Compliance and registration services available in Europe and beyond.Manufacturers, OEMs, importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, distance sellers or e-commerce businesses – all parties along the supply chain can be affected by legal obligations accruing from WEEE, battery and packaging legislation.

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WEEE battery packaging compliance


WEEElogic centralises, simplifies and co-ordinates all local compliance proceedings and contractual steps to satisfy compliance obligations and registration requirements.
Let us know the countries where you need coverage and the compliance set-up you need, we will do the rest!

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Legal services


With the support of our associate law firm, WEEElogic evaluates whether a company is considered a “producer” in a country in terms of WEEE, Battery and Packaging obligations, RoHS, etc.
Send us your questions and issues and we will provide you with a legal analysis of the situation!

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European recycling programmes


WEEElogic co-ordinates and provides standardised and bespoke take-back and recycling programmes across Europe.

Brief us on your project and we will set up the appropriate service solution!

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WEEElogic monitors market trends and listens to companies’ needs.
WEEElogic can set up bespoke secondary raw materials programmes, develop benchmarks, support trading of materials and more.
Get in touch with us and we will investigate for you!

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Our customers' testimonials

"WEEElogic was the perfect European compliance partner to support our development as we were looking for a reliable single point of contact with the right expertise to set up our WEEE compliance in Europe." Somfy Protect by Myfox is a French company developing innovative security solutions in a fast-growing market, needing to meet obligations under the WEEE directive as well as the battery and packaging directives.
Somfy Protect by Myfox SAS Operations Senior Manager, Valérie Poteau
"WEEE European compliance solution to simplify and manage legal obligations" "Moravia is based in Czech Republic. WEEE compliance in Europe is complex and we preferred to save time by outsourcing our compliance with WEEElogic. They manage WEEE and battery compliance easily and facilitate all our WEEE registration proceedings in the European Union countries."
MORAVIA Propag Compliance Manager, Eva Libosvarova
"European WEEE compliance in one hub" "We prefer to contract with a European compliance hub as a single vendor to manage our WEEE directive obligations no matter in which countries we sell. It is easy for us and certainly a cost-efficient solution."
Anatomage RegionalManager, Davide Giacomo Tommasi
Simplify Europeans compliance & recycling operations.
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