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The WEEElogic network consists of national take back schemes, treatment and recycling operators, logistics and asset management companies, and a consulting company. With this WEEElogic ensures full compliance all across Europe for WEEE, batteries, and packaging.

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EcoLogic-France is a WEEE take back scheme managing B2C and B2B obligations in France for producers and waste holders. It has developed advanced take back services towards producers and waste holders, collecting more than 80,000 tonnes of WEEE per year. EcoLogic provides services to more than 1,100 producers and waste holders.



SCRELEC is a French battery compliance scheme founded in 1999 by battery and accumulators producers, telecommunication producers and professional and business federations.

The company is governmentally approved and offers its services to more than 700 producers.

SCRELEC organizes and manages the collection, take back, treatment and recycling of more than 3 800 tonnes of batteries and accumulators in France every year and organizes pick-ups from more than 27 000 collection points and drop-off points.



1cc provides consulting and services for waste and product-related environmental compliance, and compliance with copyright levies legislation in more than 60 countries worldwide. The service portfolio incorporates three main modules: Regulatory Monitoring, Business and Legal Consulting and Compliance Services.

With the support of 1cc, WEEElogic can offer comprehensive services also in countries where no dedicated partner has been defined.



MAI is one of the 2 approved schemes in Israel.



Fundación ECOLEC is the largest collective take back scheme for WEEE in Spain with more than 81,000 tons of WEEE collected in 2015. Founded in 2004 by the industry associations ANFEL and FAPE as a non-profit organization, Ecolec today manages compliance for B2C and B2B WEEE as well as for batteries. Ecolec provides services to more than 160 producers.



Headquartered near Stuttgart WEEElogic acts as central point of contact for German WEEE compliance and take back operations to WEEElogic customers. As there are no WEEE compliance schemes as such in Germany, a range of local accredited partners are used for logistics and recycling operations.



ERA is one of the leading collection and take back schemes in Austria. 2/3 of all registered producers in Austria rely on ERA as their compliance-partner for WEEE and batteries. ERA is a non-profit organization that is owned by an association of producers and by ARA the Austrian packaging system. Being part of the ARA Group we also offer solutions for packaging and end-of-life vehicles on the same non-profit basis. ERA collects and recycles more than 35.000 tons of WEEE and batteries.

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PORTUGAL / Electrao

Electrão serves more than 1,500 Producers and collects 38,000 tons of WEEE and 200 tons of batteries annually. In 2016, Electrão launched a new project aimed at offering packaging compliance in Portugal. A final decision by the Portuguese authorities is yet to be made.

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Cobat serves more than 1,000 Producers/Importers and collects 150,000 tonnes of technological waste annually. It has 70 authorized collectors and a network of 27 treatment and recovery facilities distributed uniformly throughout Italy. That is how Cobat guarantees high quality standards all over the country and optimizes optimizing logistics and treatment costs.

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Recipo Group was established in Sweden as a national collection system for WEEE and Batteries in year 2007. Ten years later, 2017, it was established as a national collection scheme for WEEE and Batteries in Denmark. It is also providing services as authorized representative in each country. Recipo Group is a non-for-profit organization formed as an association with producers of electronics and batteries as members.

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