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consulting and consultancy about waste directives, circular economy, take back and recycling programs

In a circular economy model, businesses are constantly looking for alternative and innovative solutions for sourcing materials, aggregating knowledge, turning mandatory activities into new business opportunities and so on…

WEEElogic supports businesses with the establishment of new activities, environmental programmes or the implementation of any specific requirements that may arise from day-to-day business and management decisions.

Some examples:

  • European benchmarks : legal, prices, etc.
  • Analysis of existing compliance set-up
  • Establish guidance documents and training materials
  • Provide training and workshops for staff new in post, for national compliance specialists, procurement and sales team, etc.
  • Provide webinars for suppliers and/or customers.

WEEElogic monitors market trends and listens to companies’ needs.
WEEElogic can set up bespoke secondary raw materials programmes, develop benchmarks, support trading of materials and more.
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Our customer's testimonials

"European WEEE compliance in one hub" "We prefer to contract with a European compliance hub as a single vendor to manage our WEEE directive obligations no matter in which countries we sell. It is easy for us and certainly a cost-efficient solution."
Anatomage RegionalManager, Davide Giacomo Tommasi
"Simplify our WEEE compliance proceedings" "Theraclion is a French therapeutic equipment manufacturer. The compliance team looked for a WEEE and battery solution partner offering a one stop shop and delivering quick compliance. We can clearly recommend WEEElogic to other businesses!"
Theraclion QARA Manager Theraclion – Vivien Jourdannaud
"WEEE European compliance solution to simplify and manage legal obligations" "Moravia is based in Czech Republic. WEEE compliance in Europe is complex and we preferred to save time by outsourcing our compliance with WEEElogic. They manage WEEE and battery compliance easily and facilitate all our WEEE registration proceedings in the European Union countries."
MORAVIA Propag Compliance Manager, Eva Libosvarova
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