European take-back programs & recycling

  • Electronical-waste

  • Electrical-waste

  • e-waste

WEEElogic provides European take-back solutions to producers and their clients, as well as to any obligated parties and waste holders: municipal collection points, retailers & distributors, businesses, private and public sector.

Tired wasting time among the various national obligations
and schemes for electrical and electronic waste and batteries?

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  • Collection take-back & recycling:

    • Harmonized collection and take back services
    • On-site pickup
    • Collection & take back from Key accounts, SME’s, administration
    • Treatment, depollution & recycling
    • Remarketing and/or refurbishing programs: Brand/model/device sorting
    • Spare parts management program
    • Data wiping
    • Reporting
    • Specific individual programs (reverse logistic).

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