Consulting for your own needs

Standardized services always have limits; they may not answer all individual requests. This is the reason why WEEElogic has also developed tailored services and provides consulting in order to meet the specific needs of its customers.

  • Legal assessment

    One major individual service is the legal assessment based on a specific sales channels or supply chain context.
    Sometimes producers are commercially present through different means of sales and distribution. Therefore, obligations may not be the same from one situation to another, from one client to another and from one country to another.

    In such circumstances, WEEElogic can support you with legal assessment operated by specialized lawyers from our partner dedicated law firm (1cc).

  • European central payment

    Producers facing multiple compliance in different countries may have to manage up to 3 compliance schemes per country, indeed up to 84 different compliance schemes.

    WEEElogic offers the European central payment service that avoids to pay all the different schemes but delegate it to WEEElogic.

Tired wasting time among the various national obligations
and schemes for electrical and electronic waste and batteries?

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Consequently, individual services can include:

    • Legal evaluation and assessment (identify individual obligations per country
    • European central payment service
    • Legal assessment to consider taking over clients (local distributors upon request) responsibilities
    • Regulatory monitoring
    • Trainings and workshops
    • Branded communication campaigns
    • Trading of secondary raw materials.

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