Environmental Compliance


WEEElogic ensures compliance with the confusing variety of 28 national legislations in the EU (+ surrounding countries where mandatory) for producers and legally obligated parties. This means conformity with European directive implementations in all EU countries and EFTA countries for:

  • ewaste-compliance-hub

    WEEE B2C & B2B: Household and professional products and devices

  • battery-compliance-hub

    Batteries : Portable, automotive and industrial

  • packaging-compliance-hub


  • producer-compliance-scheme

  • Producers, when complying in many countries, shall contract with many different compliance schemes and thus shall be invoiced by up to 84 different compliance service providers.

    Of course such invoicing is costly and generates administrative burden within the companies.

    WEEElogic can provide an European central payment service to facilitate and simplify the compliance payments (click link to “consulting & individual services”


Tired wasting time among the various national obligations
and schemes for electrical and electronic waste and batteries?

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  • Description of our compliance service:

    • Central compliance hub
    • Single European point of contact for B2C & B2B
    • Coordination with national schemes
    • Registrations coordination
    • Financial guarantee coordination
    • National schemes‘ contracting
    • Authorized Representative (if required)
    • IT system European POM* reporting
    • Coordination with authorities
    • Check of invoices from schemes
    • Information on regulatory news.

    *POM: Put on the market

  • Benefits for producers:

    • Quick and easy to fulfill compliance
    • Familiar with sales channels
    • Administrative simplification
    • Single point of contact for all questions and countries
    • Multi country harmonized approach
    • Cross border possibilities
    • One unique reporting tool
    • Simple declarations and reporting
    • Day to day and regular support
    • Direct access to the network of partners.
  • There is no need to worry about different declaration periods, selection of appropriate schemes, mandatory visible fees, financial guarantees, take back from municipalities, collection at distributors and retailers etc.

    With its full and global Pan-European solution, WEEElogic keeps you out of burden to let you concentrate on your core business. We setup and manage your compliance for you.

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