Scope of services

  • Producers, manufacturers, OEM’s, importers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, distant sellers and companies with various status channel partners and supply chain organization in the countries, shall organize their compliance to respect EU and national obligations.

    As the European compliance hub, acting as a one-stop shop for WEEE, batteries and packaging, WEEElogic offers compliance services in the following products related areas:


    • Environmental Compliance

      • Compliance for WEEE
      • Compliance for batteries
      • Compliance for packaging.

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    • Take-back and recycling

      • Take-back for WEEE
      • Take back for Batteries
      • Take-back for packaging.

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    • Consulting and individual services

      • Legal services
      • Support and specific needs
      • Specific programs (marketing, remarketing, communication…).

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Tired wasting time among the various national obligations
and schemes for electrical and electronic waste and batteries?

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  • WEEElogic navigates producers and legally obligated parties through the varieties of the European legal framework and applies standardized and fined tuned solutions to all parties in the sales chain of electrical and electronic products. 

    If you are willing to:

    • Global compliance
    • Several countries
    • Cost efficiencies
    • Simplifying proceedings
    • Reducing the administrative burden.

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What are …?

  • What are WEEE

    Cooling and freezing appliances, air conditioning, ventilation systems, household equipment, consumer electronics, Hifi, audio, video, IT, printing equipment, toys, tools, medical devices, automatic dispensers, photovoltaic panels…

  • What are Batteries and accumulators

    Portable batteries, automotive batteries, industrial batteries
    Lead batteries, lihium (Li), Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), Nickel cadmium (Ni-Cd), Alkaline…

  • What are Packaging

    For film, bubble wrap, cardboard, composites, natural materials, glass…

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