WEEElogic roots

  • WEEElogic is a privately held company located in Holzgerlingen (Germany) which was founded by two shareholders acting in the WEEE and the environmental fields in Europe.

    Based on their business experience and common clients’ expression of needs, the founders decided to set up WEEElogic to serve producers and waste holders needs and to provide them with adapted pan European services into a dedicated one stop shop.

  • WEEElogic-cirlcle


  • 1CC

    1cc provides a full range of consulting services for waste and product-related environmental compliance, and compliance with copyright levies legislation in Europe and abroad. The service portfolio incorporates three main modules: Regulatory Monitoring, Business and Legal Consulting and Compliance Services.
    1CC website

  • EcoLogic

    EcoLogic-France is a WEEE French take back scheme managing B2C and B2B obligations in France to producers and waste holders. It has developed extended services towards producers and waste holders in France, collecting more than 120,000 tons of WEEE per year.
    EcoLogic provides services to more than 1600 producers.
    EcoLogic website

We aim at supporting producers by centralizing compliance, take back and recycling activities.

WEEElogic is the only European environmental compliance hub for recycling.

WEEElogic offers a European one-stop shop for:

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