Future challenges

  • Producers and take back schemes alike have to prepare for future challenges from new legal and market requirements.

    WEEElogic supports producers to turn mandatory obligations into business opportunities by offering complementary services to clients in the field of product support, take back, warranty returns, spare parts management, remarketing and more.

    WEEElogic also provides a platform for schemes to exchange best practices, improve efficiency, and implement new solutions e.g. to meet increased collection targets. Schemes have the opportunity to discuss new concepts well in advance and develop solutions on a regional or European scale.

    Producers benefit from this integrated approach as competition is maintained on national, regional and European level.

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We aim at supporting producers by centralizing compliance, take back and recycling activities.

WEEElogic is the only European environmental compliance hub for recycling.

WEEElogic offers a European one-stop shop for:

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