• In-depth knowledge on e-waste or WEEE, battery, packaging and other environmental legislations in Europe and other regions of the world
    • Compliance monitoring and service oriented approach
    • Capacity to switch mandatory obligations into business opportunities: legal requirements designs new customer oriented approach
    • Take back solutions for B2C and B2B: standards and tailored solutions upon request
    • Tailored take back solutions e.g.  buyback programs, reuse, recycling: collection and logistic for managing business developments or loyalty programs
    • Legal & business consulting: because our clients’ needs become our needs
    • Industry knowhow: Domestic appliances, cooling appliances and equipment, thermal exchange equipment, Consumer Electronics, IT, printing and copying, tools…electronic and electric equipment is a massive variety of appliances and users.
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We aim at supporting producers by centralizing compliance, take back and recycling activities.

WEEElogic is the only European environmental compliance hub for recycling.

WEEElogic offers a European one-stop shop for:

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